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Five Games to Play When It’s Too Hot to Live

Despite being weeks into Autumn, Southern California is currently hotter than it was all summer. There’s no breeze, no cloud in the sky; no respite from the fist of the fiery death-orb that oppresses us all and stops me from going about my daily routine.

Also, I have no air-conditioning. Continue reading


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Not Just Another World: The Final Frontier

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The final frontier: strange new worlds, exotic alien life forms, bizarre cultures and civilizations, the wonders of creation. For good or ill, I never feel like I’m experience these wonders when I play hard sci-fi games, such as Mass Effect. Usually, I only feel the thrill of exploring alien worlds when they’re found right here on Earth, such as Biohock’s Rapture or Red Dead Redemption’s American west. Continue reading

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Alpha Protocol (Mass Effect 1-2)

Alpha Protocol is Mass Effect 2.  No, not that Mass Effect 2; Alpha Protocol is the other Mass Effect 2.  The one that we all expected after the original Mass Effect, before BioWare took a sledgehammer to genre conventions and broke all the rules of what an RPG “should” be.  Or should I say, schooled us all on what and RPG “should” be?  Either way, Alpha Protocol is Mass Effect 1-2.  Depending on your perspective, Alpha Protocol is either an artifact of the past or a fondly imagined vision of where the sure-to-be influential road paved by Mass Effect 2 could have taken us. Continue reading

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Mass Effect 2: A True RPG

What is role playing? According to the literal definition of the word, it’s something that is entirely irrelevant to a game’s genre. As gamers, we role play every time we play a game that puts us in the shoes of a character separate from ourselves. In the world of gaming, however, role playing has always been defined largely by numbers. Stats, skills, talents, specializations, levels, and equipment define the genre as much as dialogue trees, branching story lines and multiple endings. Continue reading

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