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For the Love of the Games: Three Reasons You Should Play Alpha Protocol

Alpha Protocol, the espionage RPG developed by Obsidian Entertainment – that’s the game I’ll be convincing you to play — to enjoy, even — in this week’s For the Love of the Games, the monthly column in which I give you X number of reasons why you should play an under-appreciated, overlooked, or outright bad game, simply for the sake of game appreciation. Continue reading


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Alpha Protocol (Mass Effect 1-2)

Alpha Protocol is Mass Effect 2.  No, not that Mass Effect 2; Alpha Protocol is the other Mass Effect 2.  The one that we all expected after the original Mass Effect, before BioWare took a sledgehammer to genre conventions and broke all the rules of what an RPG “should” be.  Or should I say, schooled us all on what and RPG “should” be?  Either way, Alpha Protocol is Mass Effect 1-2.  Depending on your perspective, Alpha Protocol is either an artifact of the past or a fondly imagined vision of where the sure-to-be influential road paved by Mass Effect 2 could have taken us. Continue reading

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