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My Year of Gaming – 2011

Well, dear readers. Here we are. The end of one year, the birth of a new year; the last year, if some are to be believed. Will we all die horribly in a planetary, perhaps, galactic upheaval? Time will tell, dear readers — time will tell.

It has been quite a year though, hasn’t it? A year of revolutions, fallen dictators, I think there were some natural disasters in there. And while all of that happened, we played video games. Join me in a contemplative moment of righteous self-loathing, won’t you?

Ah, there we go. Clean conscience.

It was a banner year for video games, as well. Too good a year, if you ask me. So many titles I wasn’t able to get to, but so, so, so many I did. Countless hours, in fact. Hmm… shall we quietly hate ourselves again? Yes, I believe we shall.

Ah. Like a cold shower on a crisp winter’s morning.

Yes, it was a fine year that is now at an end all too suddenly. How could we possibly sum up? Why, the only way TV year-end summaries have always taught me, of course — awful rhyming! Continue reading


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Mario Endures Because He’s There For You

I’ve had a pretty lame couple of weeks. Struck with a sinus infection, I wasn’t able to enjoy Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Red Dead Redemption the day they both arrived at my front door. I know that for many, being sick is prime gaming time. But I’m not that guy. The congestion that I can feel all throughout my face and chest, like a Venom Symbiote trying to burst out of my body and take over; the demon DJ who uses my skull as a subwoofer, producing a constant, pounding bass rhythm of agony; the slow, vitriolic drip down the back of my throat that robs me of my voice and sends me running to the sink every 15 minutes to cough up horrors I dare not describe. Continue reading


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An Open Letter to Suikoden Character Recruitment FAQs, c.2000-c. 2006

Dear Suikoden Character Recruitment FAQs c.2000-c. 2006,

I’m writing this letter to you now, many years after the fact, to express the final, lingering, spark of deep-seated adolescent aggravation. Despite the numerous gaming message boards and Suikoden fansites I frequented as a lad, I never expressed my frustrations. I can’t say why, really. Between the ages of 12 and 20, I wasn’t adverse to expressing my teenage anger over the internet, protected by a wall of impenetrable anonymity. But because this one issue — trivial to many but paramount to my precious (and abundant) youthful free time — slipped by, I feel it needs to be addressed. Continue reading

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What Deus Ex Did For Me

Ion Storm’s Deus Ex is one of my favorite games of all time.  I don’t know where it rests, exactly, but it’s definitely in my top 3.  Deus Ex also celebrated its tenth anniversary on June 22nd, 2010.  Before all the resulting tributes and retrospectives, I got to think about why, exactly, Deus Ex is so important to me.   Not just why I love it but why it really matters; how my life would be different, if only slightly, without it.   I might do more of these, if my other ideas can turn into more articles.  But for now, here’s Deus Ex Tribute #8576392 of the week.

They killed Paul; they killed my brother.

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