This is old! I don’t post here anymore! But after a long lapse in pursuing writing, it’s the only portfolio I have. Working on the new one, but there’s not much there yet.

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  1. Matthew

    I read your post about anxiety (and attacks thereof) and wanted to leave a message here to be sure you get it. I don’t want it lost in the comments for the post.

    You wrote about how it doesn’t seem like a big deal compared to genocide or addiction, but I wanted to give you a little context there.

    I recently overcame a severe heroin addiction and while I had all kinds of nasty symptoms during the quit, caused by withdrawal, being an addict had non-withdrawal related consequences.

    While I was an addict, the circumstances of buying, the knowledge that I could never pass a drug test, knowing that I was throwing tremendous amounts of money away, knowing the legal trouble I could get in, and knowing how amazingly sick I would get if I couldn’t reach my dealer left me in a state of constant and terrible anxiety. It was the constant fear, dread, anxiety that made using a bad thing for me. It didn’t otherwise negatively impact my life, really, at least not badly.

    I was finally able to say “enough is enough” and kick my habit, and that anxiety has gone away. You don’t have the luxury of leaving the cause of your anxiety behind. Don’t be so quick to say that your struggle with anxiety isn’t so serious a problem compared to addiction. I was able to finally walk away from my anxiety, the primary way that my addiction detracted from my quality of life.

  2. Thanks for sharing that, Matthew. You’re absolute right. Anxiety is what drives me to procrastinate with YouTube and video games and also drink — more compulsions than actual addictions, but still very much to your point.

  3. Thank you for writing the anxiety. I get the night tome attacks. They always make my brain feel wierd. I thought i was the only one. Has it gotten any better??

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