Have You Heard of AMY?

This is an old news item originally posted at Digital Hippos, now included here for the purposes of portfolio building. AMY has since been released and seemingly disappointed everyone. Too bad.

I opened my inbox this morning to find some screenshots for AMY, a new survival-horror game coming to PSN in June. Why am I reporting this? Why should you care? Fans of niche survival-horror titles that revel in creating fear through disempowering the player might want to read on….

AMY is being developed by veteran designer Paul Cuisett and team (Flashback) at VectorCell Studios and published by French indie developer Lexis Numerique. It puts the player in control of a pair of characters — a young woman named Lana and the titular Amy, a young autistic girl with “curious powers” — and sets them to running from either zombies or zombie-like creatures. Similar to developer Frictional Games’ Penumbra series and Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Lana and Amy are easily overpowered by their monstrous antagonists, and the best strategy is often to run and/or hide and quietly pray to whatever power you might deify.

I gotta say, I’m interested. I have a love/hate relationship with scary games, but I love games that put me in a position where I don’t have an arsenal of weapons and superpowers at my fingertips. AMY seems to want to come in somewhere just above the pants-wetting disempowerment of Penumbra with the titular character’s “curious powers.”

The following screenshots don’t say a whole lot, but maybe — just maybe — we’ll have a little something special to look forward to with AMY. Scary is hard to master, but disempowerment is an all-too-often ignored concept in games.


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