Game Diary: Arx Fatalis 01 — No-Name

(Originally posted at Digital Hippos)

After a brief scene where I’m struck with blue light and dragged off by a goblin, I wake up to a familiar sight: a jail cell. But that debilitating glow had another effect: I can’t remember anything! Or was it the knock on the head from the goblin? Either way, it landed me right here, where I’ve so often found myself in the past: an imprisoned amnesiac.

Around me are the usual trappings: dank stone, dirt, a bare wooden bed, and a skull. Whether the skull is the last remains of a former prisoner or just goblin decor — there’s really no way of knowing.

This is my fellow prisoner. I don’t remember his appropriately convoluted fantasy name, so I’m just going to call him Wuzzles. I can tell from the way that he’s holding his midsection that he has really bad tummy ache, so it’s up to me to free us from the goblin gulag. Prying a loose rock and bending some bars (really shoddy workmanship, goblins) frees me from captivity, while a conveniently-located bone gives me the beans to bludgeon our goblin gaoler’s brain into putty.

Freeing Wuzzles, he gives me a new name: Am Shegaar (I think that’s how it’s spelled). It means … one who has no memory. Or is it one who has no name? Either way, it fits, but I think it’s going to be weird when I introduce myself to someone as Nameless Amnesiac.

Wuzzles tells me that he’s a member of the Traveller’s Guild. He says the the sun of our world fizzled out a long time ago. Since then, humans, goblins, trolls and dwarves have lived underground, while the surface has become a frozen wasteland. The Traveller’s Guild are the only people with the means to survive on the surface and travel between the various disparate subterranean settlements.

And with the obligatory world building exposition behind us, Wuzzles seneds me through a sewer grate to find a way out of the goblin gulag (I’m going to keep calling it that). His timmy hurts too much to follow, so it’s up to me to find a way out for the both of us.

Next time: rat-eating, spider-bludgeoning, glitched-elevator-dodging, and the triumphant return of Wuzzles — pugilist extraordinaire!


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